Mr. Mark Rutte
Prime Minister, The Netherlands
Den Haag / The Hague


Hugo de Jonge, Dutch Health Minister Government of the Netherlands


November 11, 2021
Our emergency letter

December 2, 2021
Response from Rutte Office

December 14, 2021
Our Response (staat op deze pagina)

December 14, 2021
Fact Sheet

Heerlen, 14 December 2021

Dear Mr. Rutte,

Thank you for your response dated December 2, 2021 [1], in which your office answers my Emergency Letter of November 12. In that Open Letter I called upon you to immediately stop any plans for mandatory vaccination with RNA/DNA anti-COVID-19 vaccines. This public warning became necessary in light of new scientific data about the potential short- and long-term damage these vaccines cause in the biological software (DNA) of millions of vaccinated people [Jiang et al, Viruses, 2021, 13, 2056 | 2].

Over the past weeks, support for this Open Letter has reached your government from many Dutch citizens who felt that, from a science point of view, its contents expressed their very own concerns about the risk of these vaccines. The nationwide circulation of this scientific information has, no doubt, contributed to the decision of the Dutch government [3] earlier this week to not impose any further steps towards mandatory vaccination with these potentially unsafe vaccines.

But this is not enough. In order to categorically exclude any large-scale future health risks for millions of Dutch citizens, I consider it the responsibility of your government to immediately inform the people of the Netherlands about the newly discovered and potentially far-reaching safety concerns of these RNA/DNA-based anti-COVID-19 vaccines.


The Dutch Government does not know the facts

It is noteworthy that these potentially grave and wide-spread health risks were not published by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these vaccines – but by independent scientists. Even after these alarming scientific findings were published, the manufacturers of these related RNA/DNA vaccines still failed to issue a public warning cautioning against their further use due to serious health concerns. Worse, the vaccine producers left the governments they advise – including your own – apparently ‘in the dark‘ about these potentially serious and widespread side effects.

Such irresponsible conduct leaves severe doubt as to the advice these companies have been providing to your government, as well as to the information they have released to the public in the past.

Unfortunately, your response letter to me of December 2 demonstrates that neither you nor your government have fully understood the potentially far-reaching and long-term side effects of RNA/DNA-based anti-COVID-19 vaccines – or worse, were misguided by vaccine manufacturers.

In your response letter you essentially echo the narrative of these pharmaceutical companies by simply negating the health risks of their RNA/DNA vaccines. In light of the new scientific facts about potentially serious side-effects, you thereby risk undermining the credibility of your entire government and its commitment to protect first and foremost the health interests of the Dutch people. What will the people of the Netherlands think when they watch further advocacy for these potentially harmful vaccines by you and Mr. de Jonge on national TV during forthcoming press conferences?

In order to empower the people of the Netherlands and your government to take responsible public health decisions towards ending the pandemic, and to prevent long-term health damage to the Dutch people, I decided to address in detail the arguments you make in your response letter in the attached Fact Sheet [4].


The Dutch Government makes rules and laws based on misguided scientific information

Should the Dutch government continue to promote RNA/DNA-based anti-COVID-19 vaccines as the ‘only way’ to end the coronavirus pandemic, it is misleading the Dutch people. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) [5] is warning that the millions of people who are already vaccinated should not develop a “false sense of security” that such vaccinations will have protected them against further COVID-19 infections. The WHO, thereby, communicates that vaccinated persons can not only be infected by coronaviruses despite being vaccinated – but can also serve as further transmitters of this pandemic disease.

Another ‘justification’ for the further promotion of potentially harmful RNA/DNA-based vaccines is the argument that there are no alternatives available in the fight against the pandemic. This statement is misleading too. Effective and much safer approaches to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic are readily available and include vaccination with dead (attenuated) coronaviruses, monoclonal antibodies, science-based micronutrients, and others. Many of these approaches should be offered immediately as effective and safe alternatives to risky vaccines.

Another widespread argument by which the proponents of RNA/DNA vaccines are trying to convince their citizens to accept such vaccinations is by referring to mandatory vaccination drives in more populated neighboring countries, e.g. Germany. A larger population, however, is not the only characteristic of this country – it is also the world’s largest exporter of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines and one of the greatest financial beneficiaries of the global business with RNA-based vaccines.


The responsibility of the Dutch Government in this situation

Mr. Rutte, I trust that the public scientific discourse we started about the incalculable risks associated with RNA/DNA anti-COVID-19 vaccines will strengthen the voices of reason within Dutch society and within your government. This public scientific dialogue must aim at halting any further use of the current vaccine drives with RNA/DNA-based vaccines – and any recommendations for so-called ‘booster’ vaccinations – until the severe health concerns now associated with these gene-based vaccines have been indisputably resolved by independent scientists who are outside the influence of vaccine manufacturers and their ‘experts’.

My correspondence with you and your government is guided by respect for your office and for the responsibility you carry. We share the task to resolve this matter also in the interests of an increasing number of people who have already been harmed by receiving RNA/DNA-based anti-COVID-19 vaccines – as well as of those who could be harmed in the future if no decisive measures to stop such vaccinations are taken now.


Dr. M. Rath