Health information for students and teachers, on the coronavirus crisis

Vaccination alone cannot end the coronavirus pandemic!

Das Coronavirus mutiert immer schneller:
Owing to a high mutation rate of its biological blueprint, the original virus from China (shown in green) has morphed into several variants that are spreading worldwide. These virus variants have “docking” molecules that may differ slightly in structure from the original coronavirus, shown in coded colors in the figure on the left. These docking molecules allow the viruses to bind to and invade human cells, causing infections.

Vaccination approach to control individual coronavirus variants:
In the laboratory, certain sections (sequences) of these docking molecules are recreated. After injection (vaccination) into the body, these molecules stimulate the production of antibodies – our own defense molecules, which ideally block the multiplication of the virus in the body.

Since the docking molecules responsible for the binding of the virus to the body’s cells may have a different structure for each virus mutation, antibodies formed against the docking molecules of the original coronavirus from China may be only partially effective, if they are effective at all. Thus, vaccines

will need to be reformulated with each new variant of the virus. Each of the reformulated vaccines will then have to undergo long series of tests to determine its efficacy and safety.

Micronutrient approach to combat all coronaviruses:
The micronutrient approach (vitamins and plant substances, for example) focuses on the mechanism of the chain of infection common to all coronaviruses on the surface of and inside human cells.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that certain micronutrients and their combinations are able to influence the metabolism of cells in such a way that they inhibit the binding of the virus to the cell, hinder its entry into the cell and prevent its multiplication inside the cell.

Micronutrients are the only known way to inhibit cellular infection
by coronavirus regardless of how it may mutate.

Ultimately, the coronavirus pandemic can only be controlled by combining absolutely safe vaccines
with scientifically studied micronutrients!