Health information for businesses in the coronavirus crisis


Figure 1.

1. The coronavirus is a fast-mutating virus. This means that it rapidly changes its architecture, including its surface structure.

2. Figure 1. In addition to the original novel coronavirus from China, the cause of the illness termed COVID-19, several mutations have emerged and are spreading worldwide. The different corona-virus variations/mutations are shown with different surface structures and are color coded.

Figure 2.

3. Figure 2. The surface structure of the virus is determined by its outward-directed proteins. These structures are characteristic
for each coronavirus type or virus mutation, much like the individual number of a cell phone.

4. To generate a vaccine, certain sections of these proteins (or the genetic information for these sections) are recreated in the laboratory. When injected into the body, these molecules stimulate the production of antibodies – the body’s own defense molecules, which, if successful, are able to block the replication of the coronavirus in the body (figure 2: red Y).

5. Current COVID-19 vaccines have been developed only against the coronavirus variant originating from China (figure 2: shown in green). New mutations of the coronavirus (figure 2: shown in pink, yellow, blue and brown) cannot be readily recognized, if they are recognized at all, by the antibodies raised against the ‘Chinese virus’. Thus, these mutations are not blocked from binding to and entering into human cells to cause infections.

6. This figure also illustrates another problem: with every new mutation of this virus, a new vaccine has to potentially be developed, or an existing one modified, and tested for its efficacy – a process that, predictably, leads the world into repeated crises.

Figure 3.

7. Figure 3. highlights the way out of this predicament. A successful effort to end the pandemic is only possible if we focus on the mechanisms that this virus uses to infect the human body, regardless of the particular coronavirus subtypes or mutations.

8. Scientific research has demonstrated that specific vitamins and plant substances are able to regulate the metabolism of human cells via their influence on the “cell software” (DNA), thereby allowing the cells to
effectively protect themselves against coronaviruses.

9. In this way, vitamins and plant substances can prevent the binding of the virus to the cells, its entry into the cell, and the replication of the virus within the cells.

10. Thus, micronutrients are the only known way to inhibit cellular infection by coronavirus variants and mutations. They should be combined with absolutely safe vaccines in order to effectively end the coronavirus pandemic.