The world has reached one of the most decisive moments in its history: the battle of humankind for the right to prevent and halt diseases using scientifically proven natural health approaches →.

At its center is the current coronavirus pandemic – and the attempt of the multitrillion-dollar pharmaceutical business to abuse the crisis in order to cement its grip on humankind and continue its ‘investment business with disease’.

Science-based natural health approaches – above all, the optimum use of micronutrients – can help end the current pandemic anywhere in the world →.

These natural approaches are also the only scientifically effective way to help prevent future pandemics, including those resulting from as yet unknown infections, by strengthening the immune defense across the human race.


The past one and a half centuries will enter into the annals of human history as an episode when a small group of global financial investors tried to take humankind hostage in key areas, including the global energy supply as well as healthcare, with one goal: to rake in trillions of dollars in profits.

Both the global petrochemical (oil) and pharmaceutical (drug) markets have been constructed and are controlled by the same investment circles. Now, both these multitrillion-dollar markets are imploding – mainly because they are based on outdated technologies.

In the field of energy, limited fossil fuel resources are being replaced by unlimited renewable energy sources. At the same time, in the field of human health, outdated pharmaceutical technologies that merely intervene in undesirable disease processes are being replaced by natural bioactive molecules that are able to prevent diseases by optimizing the functioning (metabolism) of our body cells.

Implementing this knowledge → on a worldwide scale is the only scientifically proven and economically affordable way to eliminate human diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, metastatic cancers, as well as the coronavirus pandemic. All of these conditions are essentially unknown in other living species.

This simple analysis → allows political decision takers and hundreds of millions of people worldwide to end an age of fateful dependency on outdated technologies that only exist because the alternatives have been artificially suppressed for decades by a global army of lobbyists in politics, the media, industry, and medicine.

This websites documents that the leaders of the world → have been informed about this analysis, as well as about the scientific breakthroughs in the field of science-based natural health.

Now it is up to the people of the world to take action and liberate humankind from these economically strangulating dependencies forever, in an educative and peaceful way.

This website provides the blueprint for achieving the next goal uniting all humankind: the right of our children and grandchildren to live in a ‘world without disease’.

Call to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres by Dr. Matthias Rath
Call to the people and governments of the world

Let’s Build a ‘World Without Disease’ – Now!

This Open Letter to inform the UN and the world about the following facts: