Letter by Dr. Rath to Heads of State 

New Coronavirus Mutations Compel The Immediate
Redirection Of Medical Research And Public Health Strategies
To Reduce Further Human Suffering And Economic Damage –
And Ultimately Avoid A Catastrophe For All Humankind


Dear Prime Minister Stefan Löfven,


With this letter, I am addressing you in order to help overcome the limitations of current public health strategies in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in your country – especially in light of the rapidly emerging virus mutations.

I am the founder of an independent nonprofit research institute operating in the field of medical science. Our team of senior scientists and medical doctors worked together with the late two-time Noble Laureate Linus Pauling1. Dr. Pauling was one of the most distinguished scientists of the 20th century. His discoveries included principles of immunology, the basic structures of proteins, as well as the first known genetic disease, sickle cell anemia. In his later years, Dr. Pauling became interested in the role of micronutrients in the fight against viral diseases, including influenza and the human immune deficiency virus (HIV).

Over the past two decades, our research team has continued this ground-breaking work in science-based natural health and has recently applied it to the global effort to control the coronavirus pandemic.


Coronavirus pandemic and limitations of current vaccine strategies

The coronavirus pandemic is threatening human lives, the economy of your country, and the entire world in an unprecedented manner. While some vaccines have been introduced in the hope of helping control coronavirus infections, rapidly evolving new mutants of this virus are already threatening entire countries2 with yet another pandemic wave.

Despite claims by some vaccine manufacturers carried in the media that their products would also “work” against new coronavirus mutations, there is not a single example of scientific proof – in the form of a clinical study – where these vaccines were actually tested in patients infected with such mutations.

In this situation, when vested interests influence political decision taking and dominate public opinion, it is essential to analyze these interests and, above all, show alternatives regarding the way forward to stop this pandemic and all its mutations.


The scientific facts everyone can understand

  • Constant mutation of a virus – a slight restructuring of its architecture (genetic sequence) – is not the exception, but the rule in the viral world. Virus mutations are not just a random event but a survival mechanism that allows them to escape the immune defenses of living beings (hosts) they infect, including humans. The influenza (flu) virus, for example, mutates so regularly that the development of new vaccines (flu shots) is essentially required every flu season because the mutated virus escapes protection by previous anti-flu vaccines.
  • The coronavirus is mutating at a high rate with several mutations having occurred within one year of the current pandemic, including in the United Kingdom and South Africa. These first mutations are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as every new mutation threatens humankind with a new pandemic.
  • Some vaccines are currently being promoted to help fight the coronavirus pandemic – all of which have been developed against the subtype of the coronavirus originating from China in late 2019. However, with every emerging coronavirus mutation, it is entirely unclear whether the available vaccines will also protect against new mutations.
  • Even if it should turn out that currently available vaccines offer some protection against one or another new mutation, future mutations of the coronavirus will almost certainly evade such protection. The predictable consequence is that with every new coronavirus mutation the world will be at risk of being exposed to a crisis similar to that which it has now been experiencing since early 2020.


The dilemma of the vaccine manufacturers

  • All currently promoted vaccines from the United States of America and certain European countries are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies that obtain their return on investment (ROI) by patenting these products.
  • In order to materialize such a return on investment for their shareholders, pharmaceutical companies use an army of lobbyists in medicine and the media to ensure that in the perception of political decision takers and the general public:
    1. the vaccines they bring to the market are seen as the only solution to the coronavirus pandemic;
    2. the currently available vaccines are seen as effective against all mutations of the virus – even if no data from clinical studies are available and they have to embark on a strategy of ‘science by press release’;
    3. any other scientific approach to effectively fight the coronavirus pandemic is publicly discredited as ‘fake news’.
  • The most effective way for the vaccine manufacturers to keep control over the political decision-taking process as well as the global public debate is to keep the ‘source code’ – the blueprint for the exact structure of their vaccine molecules – in absolute secrecy. Using the arguments of ‘proprietary information’ and ‘patent protection’ these corporations thereby secure a dangerous ‘monopoly of knowledge’ as the very basis of their all-out control.
  • This strategy of corporate secrecy has far-reaching consequences – especially in light of the rapidly mutating coronavirus: the precondition for fighting a large number of coronavirus mutations, based on a vaccine strategy, is an open, international exchange of scientific information about the exact architecture of these vaccine ‘weapons’. Withholding such vital information derails humankind’s efforts to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Considering the fact that essentially all of the corporate vaccine research during the current pandemic has been financed by taxpayers’ money, such a ‘strategy of secrecy’ by the vaccine manufacturers not only endangers the lives of millions – it is also politically inacceptable and morally despicable.

These facts should be a wake-up call for you, as a political decision taker, as well as the people of your country, to realize the deadlock of isolated vaccine strategies for ending the current pandemic.


In this situation, there exists an objective and urgent need to define new scientific targets as the foundation for a successful and lasting protection against coronavirus pandemics for the people of the world.



A science-based safe and affordable strategy to help prevent all coronavirus mutations

There is only one scientifically compelling, politically responsible – and above all logical – way to overcome the limitations of current strategies to control the coronavirus pandemic: the international scientific focus must shift its attention from trying to identify vaccines against a growing number of coronavirus mutations and focus instead on exploring the universal defense mechanisms via which human cells are capable of defending the body against potentially all subtypes and mutations of the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the current pandemic, the international research community has been focusing on developing a vaccine that is able to block the binding of the coronavirus to the cellular receptor (ACE2)3 – the viral ‘anchor’ and ‘entry door’ on the surface of human cells – via which the virus infects the human body. The downside of this strategy is obvious: a high rate of coronavirus mutations will require a multitude of vaccines to have even a chance of controlling the future pandemics resulting from different coronavirus variants.

Foreseeing this dilemma, our research team, from the beginning of this pandemic, chose a scientific approach that promises to protect the people of the world against potentially all coronavirus mutations – current and future ones. In order to accomplish this goal, our research team studied the defense mechanisms via which human cells protect themselves against attacks from any type of coronavirus, as well as the biological molecules that regulate these processes.

In the first step, we focused on reducing the number (expression) of the ACE2 cellular surface receptors – the entry door for all known subtypes of coronaviruses. Subsequently, we studied the impact of micronutrients on the inhibition of other key cellular mechanisms of coronavirus infections.

There is only one category of molecules that can accomplish such a comprehensive task as to regulate the cellular software (DNA), down-regulate the production of proteins required for coronavirus infection (ACE2 receptors), as well as curb the entire machinery of enzymes hijacked by the virus in order to replicate within human cells. These molecules are micronutrients and include vitamins, minerals, and other natural, bioactive substances.

Our comprehensive research studies have determined the most effective bioactive molecules in the defense against the coronavirus infection of human cells. Moreover, our research established that these natural molecules were most effective in interfering with key mechanisms of coronavirus infections when used in specific combinations that enable the individual components to interact synergistically.

Specific micronutrient combinations are able to significantly inhibit all known key mechanisms of coronavirus infections simultaneously, including:

  1. The significant inhibition of the binding of coronavirus surface proteins (spikes) to ACE2 receptors on the surface of human cells.
  2. The significant inhibition of the production of ACE2 receptors by human cells, thereby limiting the binding of coronaviruses to these cells and their chances of infection.
  3. The significant inhibition of all key proteins (enzymes) involved in the uptake as well as multiplication of coronaviruses inside human cells.
  4. A significant increase in general immune system function, including the production of immune defense cells (leukocytes), their ability to migrate to the site of infection, (chemotaxis), and the removal of viruses and other infective invaders (phagocytosis).

The following graph summarizes the compelling necessity for the reorientation of international research, in order to increase the likelihood of achieving a comprehensive control of coronavirus pandemics.

Focus of Vaccination Strategy:

Blocking one subtype of coronavirus


Vaccination strategy against coronavirus pandemic

All vaccines presently applied to humans with the promise to help curb the current pandemic have been developed against the coronavirus subtype that first appeared in China in late 2019.

Since antibodies are specifically modeled against the surface structures (spikes) of this specific subtype of the coronavirus, current vaccines are not known to protect against viral mutations.

The manufacturers of the current vaccines are fully aware that any new coronavirus mutation could render their vaccines ineffective. Hence, they merely claim that their current vaccines would also ‘work’ against the new mutations – but without any proof in the form of a clinical study with patients infected by the mutated virus. Even if it should turn out that some of the anti-coronavirus vaccines developed thus far could provide some protection against one or another coronavirus mutation, any new mutation (designated in the graphic above as ‘XY’) is potentially able to infect patients who have already been vaccinated. Thus, with every new virus mutation, humankind is exposed to the risk of experiencing a similar or even greater crisis than that which has occurred as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focus of Micronutrient Strategy:

Reinforcing defense of human body cells against

attacks from all subtypes of coronaviruses

Micronutrient strategy against coronavirus pandemic

The application of micronutrients to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic takes an entirely different approach to that of vaccines. It takes advantage of the known ability of these bioactive substances to strengthen the resistance of body cells against viruses and other infectious agents.

Our research shows that specific combinations of micronutrients (shown as diamond shapes in the graphic above) are effective against coronaviruses. These micronutrient combinations are able to inhibit all key mechanisms of coronavirus infection of human cells. This includes the inhibition of viral binding to the cell surface, cell entry, as well as viral multiplication inside the cells. In addition, micronutrients are known to strengthen general immune defense mechanisms. This includes the production of immune cells, their migration to the site of infection, and their ability to kill and remove viruses and other infectious invaders (phagocytosis).

Further details of this groundbreaking research are documented on the websites listed below.


In summary, micronutrients simultaneously inhibit several key mechanisms used by the coronavirus to infect human cells, in particular the binding to cell surface receptors, the uptake (internalization) of the virus into the cells, and the multiplication (viral replication) inside these cells. In addition, micronutrients are the only molecules known to stimulate overall immune defense in the human body. Further details of these research studies can be found on the websites listed below.

This groundbreaking research is further validated by the first clinical studies showing that high-dose vitamin C is able not just to prevent coronavirus infections, but also to cut the death rate (mortality) 4 of severely infected, hospitalized coronavirus patients in half – an effect not documented for any of the current vaccines or pharmaceutical drugs.

With this letter you, as a Head of State, are officially informed about the potential of this major breakthrough to combat the coronavirus pandemic in your country.

Effective immediately, the recommendation of an increased intake of specific micronutrients has to be considered an effective, safe, and affordable public health measure anywhere in the world. Our research team is willing to share our entire know-how free of charge with any government in the world that is willing to apply this knowledge – and expand it through further research.

Moreover, with this information, any assertion that currently available vaccines are the only way to combat the coronavirus pandemic is no longer valid. Accordingly, no citizen anywhere in the world should be forced to be vaccinated with currently available vaccines by using the argument that there are supposedly no other means available to control coronavirus pandemics.

From today onwards, any politician making such unsustainable assertions is doing so contrary to established scientific facts. While one can of course have different views on political, religious, and philosophical questions, any leader who chooses to ignore or even deny scientific facts will find this a highly risky path to follow. They will eventually be held responsible in the courts5 of the world for endangering the health and lives of the very people who voted them into office.

I trust that you will take advantage of this lifesaving information for the benefit of the people and the economy of your country. Because of the urgency of this matter, I feel the responsibility to also inform the people of your country about the health information contained in this letter and make it accessible to them by making this letter public.

In the name of the people of your country and those of the world, I am urging you to take immediate action!


Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.

Vote for reason!