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Phrase. A vote for reason is the act of resisting the fear-mongering media reports and all of its consequences, by embraching a scientific solution to the most pressing problem of our time.

A scientific solution is here:

The micronutrient approach (vitamins and plant substances, for example) focuses on the mechanism of the chain of infection common to all coronaviruses on the surface of and inside human cells.

Micronutrients are the only known way to inhibit cellular infection by coronavirus regardless of how it may mutate. Ultimately, the coronavirus pandemic can only be controlled by combining absolutely safe vaccines with scientifically studied micronutrients!

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This scientific breakthrough is so important to us that we shared it with high ranking politicians and scientists. Inform yourself first by following the links. As a next step, please consider sharing it with your friends and family members.

This is what your politicians now know

The details of this scientific breakthrough are being introduced to the political leaders of the world by Dr. Matthias Rath and his research team.

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This is what their scientific advisers now know

Likewise, Dr. Rath introduced the same details to their scientific advisers.

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What to do next:


There is reason to be concerned about the current pandemic, in order to take responsible actions to contain it. But there is no reason for hysteria or to succumb to a global psychological paralysis that primarily serves the corporate interests propelling it.

There is reason to follow the safety advice of the authorities, but there is no reason to give up our fundamental human rights. To the contrary, now is the moment to defend them.

This website offers effective, safe and affordable advice to strengthen the immune resistance of everyone. But this advice goes far beyond the current pandemic. Vitamins and other essential micronutrients are effective in helping to prevent other diseases as well, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Thus, for the people and governments of the world, the current crisis offers a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rapid progress made in this field of medical science and to take a giant leap forward towards a global system of health care that focuses on the prevention and eradication of diseases.