Dear … [list of heads of states under ‘Call’ from March 30th, except Merkel, Macron, Michel, Sall]

I am addressing you with this letter because your name appeared under a public Call for an ‘International Pandemic Treaty’, initiated on March 30, 2021, by the political leaders of the so-called ‘Group of Seven’ (G7) countries. In an unprecedented step, this document was directly sent by the G7 to major international media and printed online and offline. Obviously hidden from the general public, however, was the fact that the initiators of this document represent more than 40 [forty] percent of the world’s pharmaceutical export business.

The deliberate choice of language in this Call, overflowing with humanistic terms like ‘solidarity’, ‘international cooperation’, ‘fairness’, ‘transparency’, ‘participation’ and ‘justice’, could barely hide the real goal of the document: promoting the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical export business of vaccines and drugs to the great majority of poor nations.

Significantly, the name of the person representing the highest political office on our planet, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, was missing as a signatory of this ‘Pandemic Treaty’ drug-promotion plan.

This was particularly remarkable given that only a few weeks ago, in February 2021, five of the initiators of this ‘Treaty’ – A. Merkel, E. Macron, U. von der Leyen, M. Sall, and C. Michel – issued a similar public document calling for the massive export of patented vaccines from a few pharmaceutical export nations to the more than 150 developing and threshold nations. The most prominent name under this global drug-exporting call had been that of the United Nations Secretary-General.

So why was Mr. Guterres’ name now missing from this latest Call for a ‘Pandemic Treaty’?

The signature of the head of the world’s largest political body under the February document had drawn much criticism, especially since it was done under the ‘pretext’ of fighting the coronavirus pandemic for the purpose of ‘increasing the bottom line’ for the pharmaceutical investment business. Among the most prominent public criticism to date was my Open Letter to Mr. Guterres, dated March 25, 2021, in which I reminded him to promote global health, rather than pharmaceutical colonialism.

I felt it was incumbent upon me to address Mr. Guterres as a scientist and founder of a non-profit research institute, because our team of scientists has published comprehensive scientific proof that a combination of natural vitamins and certain other micronutrients is able to inhibit the decisive infectious pathways of coronaviruses – including their mutations. Details of this breakthrough research are contained in the attached Open Letter to the UN Secretary-General, including references from scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.

I also addressed the UN Secretary-General because of my nationality as a German citizen. My father’s and grandfather’s generations had been enlisted to fight in global conquest wars – World War I and World War II – with giant pharmaceutical/chemical corporations, namely BASF, BAYER and their infamous IG Farben Cartel as the driving economic force.

The decisive roles of these corporate interests, particularly behind World War II, are comprehensively documented in the records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. More than a dozen executives of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations were sentenced in Nuremberg for mass murder, the plundering of entire nations [spoliation], and other crimes against humanity.

The details of these historical facts are also comprehensively documented in the attached Open Letter to Mr. Guterres. I expressed concern that the very same corporate interests are abusing the current pandemic to organize their third attempt at world conquest – under the pretext of fighting the pandemic, providing help to the poor and other obviously false promises.

Germany is the world’s largest pharmaceutical export country and today’s German government does everything to use the current pandemic to expand the global markets of this industry. Towards this end, the German government recently established a ‘task force’ – under the auspices of the ministry of economics(!) – with the specific goal to coordinate the strategic conquest of the world with vaccines. The corporate flagship of this strategy is BAYER, ready to impose its forthcoming ‘second generation’ vaccine merchandise upon the entire world in an unprecedented campaign.

This unholy coalition of corporate and political interests are also the masterminds behind the so-called ‘Pandemic Treaty’ – a document that you supported with your signature.

With this letter I am informing you – as well as the public at large – about the disturbing fact, the heirs of the infamous IG Farben Cartel, the driving economic force behind two military attempts at world conquest, are preparing their third attempt, this time under the ‘pretext’ of fighting the coronavirus pandemic. And even the language of this document, composed in Orwellian ‘new-speak’, resembles the rhetoric by which these interests had deceived the entire world twice during the past century, prior to their military conquest attempts.

Given this information, I trust that you will share my concerns and distance yourself from the plan of a ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and any future plan promoting global ‘pharmaceutical colonialism’.

But there is hope. My letter to the UN Secretary-General offered a global public health strategy of science-based natural health for ending the current pandemic as well as preventing future pandemics.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with this readily available public health strategy for fighting the pandemic, from large cities to the most remote villages on our planet. Not doing so would mean missing out on a historic opportunity to end the current pandemic and improve human health globally.

I am calling upon you to make use of the forthcoming UN General Assembly to promote this readily available approach for what it is: the only effective, safe, and affordable way for preventing the entire developing world from being economically – and politically – taken hostage to pharmaceutical colonialism.



Dr. Matthias Rath