Dr. van Dissel about the scientific basis of the Dutch government’s strategy to fight the coronavirus Omicron pandemic:

Het korte antwoord is:
Dat weten we nog niet!

Dr. Jaap van Dissel, Voorzittter van de Outbreak Management Team (OMT), the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Government on the COVID-19 pandemic, at the national Press conference on December 18, 2021 – in response to the question of a journalist about the Dutch government’s scientific strategy against the Omicron variant.

  • The Dutch Government does not know the scientific facts
  • The Dutch government has no science-based strategy against the Omicron pandemic
  • The Dutch government refuses to consider science-based natural health approaches – that promise to help against Omicron – and instead imposes another lockdown on the country.
  • What is the reason for such a scientifically irresponsible political decision. Is it the influence of the multi-billion Euro pharmaceutical investment business with patented vaccines on the Dutch government? Are science-based natural health approaches to the pandemic rejected because they are non-patentable?
  • The people of the Netherlands must make sure that science-based natural health approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic are made part of public health strategies in the country in order to help fight the Omicron variant and help end the pandemic.
  • The first step could be a nationwide school project ‘Our Children First!’ to provide vitamin-rich school food to strengthen our children’s immune system – instead of threatening them with further lockdowns, social isolation and forced vaccinations.


Een natuurlijke aanpak om Omicron te helpen bestrijden

The Netherlands in the focus

Here is a short summary of the remarkable events that happened over the past weeks in the Netherlands with respect to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • All vaccines currently used in the Netherlands and many other countries are based on an experimental technology using gen-based (RNA or DNA) vaccines – based on the promise of the manufacturers that these vaccines fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • As opposed to conventional protein-based vaccines against measles, polio and other infectious diseases that provide protection for a lifetime, the gen-based vaccines currently used in the European Union provide only some protection for a few months (!) – making the governments call for booster vaccinations of the entire population every few months.
  • In October 2021, scientists from Swedish universities – working independently of the investment business with patented vaccines – found out, that these RNA/DNA vaccines have potentially devastating long-term side effects including weakening of the immune system and the development of cancer.
  • This was the reason why Dr. Rath, the founder of an independent research organization working in the Netherlands, wrote an open letter to Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte offering a collaboration with the Dutch government to reduce these potentially severe health risks by developping effective and safe ways to fight the coronavirus pandemic – including the Omicron variant – in the Netherlands and beyond.
  • This offer was based on the extensive research using specific combinations of micronutrients – bioactive natural molecules – that are able to inhibit all known pathways of the coronavirus to infects the cells of the human body. These research findings have been extensively published.
  • In a letter dated ………… the office of Prime Minister Rutte officially confirmed having received this information from the Dr. Rath organization. However, and in disrespect of all scientific facts, the Dutch government denied both, any serious side effects of the gene-based vaccines as well as the availability of effective and safe strategies to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.
  • In his response to this irresponsible position of the Dutch Prime Minister, Dr. Rath decided to publicly ask urgent questions to the Dutch government, including
    • Why does the Dutch government recommend only such potentially harmful RNA/DNA vaccines to millions of people in the country, including children?
    • Why has the European Medicines Agency (EMA) – a subsidiary organization of the ‘Brussels EU’– allowed only such RNA/DNA vaccines and refused to register available vaccines based on much safer technologies, including vaccinations with protein -based vaccines or dead (attenuated viruses) or recommend micronutrient supplementation to improve immune resistance population-wide?
    • Why are all vaccines registered by the EMA and recommended by the Dutch government manufactured by a multi-billion-dollar investment industry that is based on the patentability of vaccines – and why are all non-patentable effective strategies categorically excluded?
    • Is EMA and the Brussels EU under German EU-Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, serving the interests of the European people – or of  the German investment business with patented pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, after all the world’s largest exporter of such merchandise?
    • Why are vitamins and other science-based natural molecules, recognized by more than half a dozen Nobel prizes as essential for optimum immune function, categorically refused by politicians, who were voted into office first and foremost to protect the health of the people?
    • Why does the Dutch government categorically refuse to acknowledge the scientific facts about both, the potentially serious side effects of the currently used vaccines as well as the availability of promising effective and safe approaches to boost the immune system of the population and help fight the pandemic?
  • These urgent questions, publicly asked by Dr. Rath to the Dutch government on December 16, 2021, remained unanswered. Instead, only two days later, on December 18 – a Saturday (!) evening – the government called for an ‘emergency press conference’ to announce to an astonished nation yet another a nationwide lockdown.
  • As opposed to previous press conferences held by prime minister Rutte and health minister de Jonge, this conference saw these two politicians only as moderators. The main role played Dr. van Dissel, the Vorzittter van de Outbreak Management Team (OMT), the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Government on the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In view of the public exposure by Dr. Rath that the Dutch government does not know the scientific facts, a main function of this press conference was obviously to assure the people of the Netherlands that they can rely on the recommendations of its government and the scientific advice it receives from its experts.
  • This strategy backfired. Asked by a journalist during this press conference about the scientific basis why ‘booster vaccines’ – that were developed against the original coronavirus – should now also work against the heavily mutated Omicron variant, Dr. van Dissel publicly admitted: “Het korte antwoord is: Dat weten we nog niet!”
  • This press conference left the nation even more irritated. How could it be that the Dutch government – relying on its scientific experts that “do not know” – recommends booster vaccinations to millions of people not knowing whether they work? How could it be that their government sends the entire country back into another lockdown with far-reaching consequences for businesses, children, families and society at large?

The most important question that was left unaddressed during this press conference was: Are there effective and safe measures to boost the immune system of the population and promised to help protect them against coronaviruses, including the Omicron variant.

The scientific facts can be understood by everyone

  • Scientific research shows that micronutrients are able to block all pathways coronaviruses use to infect the human body.
  • Micronutrients have been shown to inhibit all known variants of the coronavirus, including alpha, beta, gamma, delta and other variants.
  • As to the omicron variant the following scientific facts are important to know for everyone:
  1. The Omicron variant of the coronavirus uses the very same ‘entry port’ like all other variants of this virus, a protein on the surface of our body cells called ‘ACE2 receptor’ in order to infect the human body.
  2. Specific combinations of micronutrients are able to significantly decrease the cellular production of these ‘entry ports’ for the infection of essentially all variants and mutations of the coronavirus.
  3. In fact, these natural molecules are the only currently available strategy that is able to decrease the production of this ‘entry doors’ by up to 90% – thereby helping to protect against all variants of the coronavirus.
  • In his public correspondence with the Dutch prime minister and the Dutch government, Dr. Rath has provided them with comprehensive information on these scientific facts, including references to the scientific publications detailing the mechanisms of this effective and safe approach to the current health challenge.
  • Since the Dutch government is currently apparently unwilling to take advantage of this potentially life-saving research, Dr. Rath decided to bring this valuable information directly to the people of the Netherlands. The details of this science-based natural approach to the COVID-19 pandemic are summarized on the attached information sheet. If you find this information relevant for your school, business or home please feel free to print it out and bring it to the attention of others.

Our offer to the people and governments of the Netherlands and Europe stands

  • Our research team continues to be committed to share its entire scientific know-how with the government of the Netherlands and other European countries free of charge The goal of such a collaboration is clearly defined: developing a public health program towards the prevention of future pandemics. Such a program must be based on the available knowledge about the role of micronutrients as the only known molecules to boost the overall immune system and the scientific evidence that specific micronutrients can help fight the coronavirus pandemic in an effective and safe way.
  • Such a program of preventive healthcare based on optimum intake of vitamin rich food is, of course, not limited to the Netherlands or to industrialized nations in general. Such programs of plant-based health can be implemented anywhere in the world, including the more than 150 developing nations. Our foundation has launched such a program in Uganda and other African nations and you can find further inspiring information on the “Movement of life” website, including the life-changing experience of establishing school gardening and community gardening projects.
  • Our children should be the first to benefit from such nationwide programs. The schools in the Netherlands, together with the government, should initiate a national initiative providing vitamin-rich food and nutrition to schoolchildren free of charge. This would increase the immune system of children nationwide and make them less susceptible to COVID-19 and other infections. The slogan for such a national campaign could be: ‘Our Children First!’ – Vitamin-rich school food to boost our children’s immune system naturally – instead of threatening them with further school lockdowns and mandatory vaccine.
  • For such important initiatives we can no longer wait for a government that has chosen to deliberately ignore the scientific facts about the health benefits of micronutrients in the battle against COVID-19. Everyone must understand: The success of such initiatives is dependent on thousands of parents and of society at large taking responsibility and becoming the driving force.
  • Our research team offers the people and the government of the Netherlands a collaboration on another important project – the development of a new anti-COVID-19 vaccine that fulfills the following criteria:
    • It is protein-based, not gen-based, and therefore without the risk of harmful interference with the DNA-software of our body cells.
    • It is non-patentable, and therefore not serving as a money-making tool of a multi-billion Euro investment business with patented vaccines
    • Once the efficacy and safety of such a superior vaccine is established it would become available – free of charge – to the people of the Netherlands and beyond.
  • We are making such an offer based on our long-standing experience in the field of protein-based vaccines that, among others, has led to the development of a universal vaccine against all types of cancer. The details of this breakthrough research are published in scientific journals accessible online worldwide.

If the people of the Netherlands decides to take advantage of these offers and bring their government to accept the above offers of scientific collaboration, the Netherlands could become a pilot nation for preventive healthcare far beyond the fight against infectious diseases.

Now it is up to the people of the Netherlands!


Dr. M. Rath