It is a scientific fact that micronutrients can regulate human cell systems in such a way that they become capable of protecting themselves against all variants or mutations of the coronavirus.

This is particularly important given that these are natural substances that can be consumed at any time, anywhere, and completely safely, through food or in the form of dietary supplements – even by children and adolescents.

In view of the rapid mutation rate of the coronavirus on the one hand, and the limitation of vaccines to a single coronavirus variant on the other, dissemination of these scientific findings to all sectors of society is an pressing task for all of us.

It goes without saying that we cannot depend on multinational pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists in politics and the media when it comes to educating the public about these amazing findings.

If you want to help to spread the word in your community and among your social contacts, this page provides you with basic information on this health education campaign – summarized in a clear way – for:

  • students and teachers,
  • employees and managers of small and large companies.

Share these informational graphics digitally with your contacts at school, at work and in your local community. Download the graphics below and display them wherever people meet.

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  1. Hello, Dr Rath and team.

    Thank you all for this essential and excellent work.

    It’s encouraging that more and more professionals across many disciplines are standing up and shining a light on what we all instinctively know to be true – that the governments, lobbyists and profiteers are manipulating us to their own gain.

    We the People across many nations are evolving how we can unite to reclaim and protect true liberty, freedom, health and wellbeing, and inclusion.

    I am extremely comforted and inspired in finding you, and I deeply appreciate the tangible tools and guidance you are sharing. I will definitely be sharing them onward and taking action on them.

    May you continue to thrive in truth and goodness,

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